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Hello! My name is Ashley. I was born and raised in beautiful Southern California. I come from a large family, where I am the youngest of 4 sisters. I love staying active and some of my hobbies include boxing, MMA, and football.



Hey Everyone! My name is Briana and I was born and raised in Florida. People ask me all the time “How did you end up in California?” My boyfriend actually brought me to beautiful, sunny Southern California and I love it! My ultimate hobby and passion is figure skating.



Hey Rock stars! My name is Tay Anderson, nice to meet you! I feel like whatever I write in these things never do me justice. I thankfully reside in the beautiful Los Angeles area. Born and raised. I’m blessed to have the most amazing and talented musical family. There’s always music streaming through my home. I live to create art. Painting, sketching and mainly photography are my passions in life. I am very outgoing and it’s rare not to catch a smile on my face! My motto is; You can’t wait for the storm to pass, you have to learn to dance in the rain!



Katie, just like Paul, was born and raised in Los Angeles and is a first-generation Californian. Her parents moved to SoCal from Illinois. Something interesting about Katie is that she is a triplet! Katie is a student at CSUN. When she is not busy studying, she enjoys going to the beach with friends and skateboarding.